7th March 2019 Acts


Magic Gareth is an enthusiastic entertainer based in Edinburgh. A magical, balloon twister, that won’t disappoint, he’s highly regarded through-out his peers. We are looking forward to welcoming Gareth for his debut performance at the Edinburgh Magic Show and can’t wait to see what he has in store!


Iain Campbell is a stand up comedian, writer, resident compère at Monkey Barrel Comedy clubs ‘Project X’ and all round good guy. When he’s not saying stuff and everyone is totally laughing, Iain enjoys very short walks on the beach and drinking wine in small – medium quantities. He is much taller than you would initially think and has a full head of hair.


After receiving a magic kit for his Birthday, Cameron was hooked on magic. Performing simple magic tricks’ wasnt enough for him though, a problem solver, he wanted to delve deeper. So whilst spending 4 years studying Mechanical Design Engineering in Glasgow he took a keen interest in psychological mentalism. Hes never looked back since and is still on the dark side.


Ian Kendall is an award winning magician who has amazed audiences across the globe with astonishing feats and incredible miracles.

He has performed in pretty much every situation, from close up magic on the Orient Express train to the world famous The Magic Castle in Hollywood, the F1 at the Bahrain International Circuit to the top hotels in London and Edinburgh.

In 2009 he was awarded the Leslie P Guest award for Excellence in Magic by the The Society of American Magicians, only the second non US magician to win the award.


We welcome back this incredibly talented Rubik’s cube genius to the Edinburgh Magic Show and we can’t wait to see what he has in store!

When Rubik’s wanted a magician for their anniversary celebrations, they called on Adam and he simply blew them away! Aged just 17, Adam has already been performing in public for over 7 years, recently combining his two passions: magic and Rubik’s Cubes. Adam can’t wait to bring his award-winning act to the Edinburgh Magic Show this March – what he does with the Rubik’s Cube must be seen to be believed!

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